LE PURE is a professional line of organic, INNOVATIVE and highly EFFECTIVE cosmetics that maintain the integrity and beauty of the skin.

These biological products contain 100% active ingredients with no added substances.

The secret of a deep skin regeneration experience after only a short amount of time lies in LE PURE’s use of only the finest, HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients and the unique composition of each product. 

With manual techniques and LE PURE cosmetics, a synergy is created (a collaboration which is much greater than the sum of its qualities) establishing a harmony between the plant world and manual therapies. With this synergy, we have created the LE PURE beauty ritual, in which one is able to experience the pleasure of the textures and aromatherapy of each of the products, along with the manual technique when applying.

The result is an AESTHETIC-THERAPEUTIC RITUAL, with surprising results. This ritual is designed by Marie Carrasquedo (LE PURE cosmetologist) and
Mariona Vilanova.