“Since childhood I have been in close contact with the world of natural therapies. My mother is a therapist and has developed her own way of healing, always driven by an innate desire to help others. My older brother was born with the same gift and is also developing this in a masterful way.
I learned from very early age that there is an invisible world where many things happen and that this invisible world is as important or more so to our tangible world.

I realize that my path takes me to where beauty, health and art merge.

I have long been in contact with the aesthetic world, but for me it always lacked something: it felt shallow and empty. On the other hand, I have never stopped moving in the world of music and art, essential for who I really am and how I understand life.

I am a lover of all things beautiful and everything that reaches out to touch the heart. This is probably because when I was born, in some important corner of my astral map was Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

I started looking for a discipline where I would need only my own hands to combine beauty, health and art. By chance and intuition I discovered the facial massage technique known as Kobido (or Kenkou). While studying Kobido, I considered it a magical massage; an ancient heritage and a very powerful tool. Hands touching a face is synonymous with caring and this has a clear impact on this magical massage.

Now I know more manual techniques, therapies and disciplines which I regularly combine in order to promote holistic or integral beauty, taking care of all the pillars that compose it. The results never cease to amaze me and every day I feel more and more fortunate to be in this profession.

This learning never stops, and technique combines with creativity and intuition to develop something completely genuine guided by the exploration of knowledge, training and the synergy of the channel of love.

I’m driven by a strong curiosity about the health of the skin and about general well- being. I cannot stop investigating natural cosmetics, manual techniques, nutrition, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, crystal healing, traditional medicine, etc. ... and I’m adapting them to my way of existing and working.
I realize that my deepest beliefs and my profession have to go hand in hand in order to be happy and thus be able to give the best of myself to others, that’s what it’s all about. “