Show off a RADIANT, relaxed, and beautiful face that shines with health and youthfulness; a symptom of good physical and emotional BALANCE.

With a mix of manual techniques, including Kobido facial massage, Dien Chan facial reflexology, Acupuncture, Lymphatic drainage and Craneo Sacral therapy, I give you the opportunity to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, finding a union between physical and spiritual BEAUTY.

These manual techniques produce a NATURAL LIFTING effect as well as deep RELAXATION, promoting true beauty, with results that improve and last with a proper plan with frequent sessions.

I perform treatments with the organic cosmetics brand LE PURE with incredible rejuvenating, detoxifying and balancing properties.

In addition, I offer products and tips that will help in the process of obtaining and maintaining the skin in perfect condition.

Each treatment is personalized to the needs of each client where I combine

these different techniques, therapies and cosmetics.