Ritual "Iníciate".



  • Calm
  • Regenerate
  • Moisturise
  • Softens
  • Reaffirms
  • Relax

The Iníciate Facial Self-Massage is ideal to get you started in Mariona Vilanova's rituals.


This 3-minute self-massage facial is the first massage that Mariona designed in order to provide a maintenance of the results of the facials she performs in the salon.


It is a simple and pleasurable gesture that, with consistency, helps to boost the immune system, relaxes, raises self-esteem, balances the body's energy and, above all, beautifies.


How do I do this?

Cleanse the face, neck and décolleté thoroughly, apply The Beauty Talisman in the palm of your hands so that it acquires the body temperature and start the self-massage as explained in the video tutorial.

You can print out the illustrations of each of the steps and frame them on the dressing table.


How much oil is needed?

As you spread it, you will notice that the skin tends to stretch slightly without sliding too much.


When is it best to do so?

It can be done in the morning or in the evening, before going to bed.


Should I remove the oil after the massage?

You should not remove it, if you want to remove a little shine you can apply a facial tissue to remove the excess oil. If you have very dry skin, apply a cream.


What pressure do I have to apply?

The pressure when massaging should be firm on the neck and shoulders, medium on the rest of the face and softer on more delicate areas such as near the eyes.


Are there any contraindications?

Don't do it if you have:


  • Fever or feeling unwell.
  • In case of serious illness.
  • If you have had recent cosmetic interventions, wait 1 month after botox or fillers and never manipulate the area with force. Bear in mind that this is a massage with a detox effect and will help your body to reabsorb the drugs more quickly, mitigating their effect.
  • If you have threads, wait at least 6 months.
  • If you are in doubt about any condition, don't do it and consult a specialist.