Toiletry Calendar 2023

An inspiration for you to nourish yourself day by day with what makes you feel good.

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  • Orienta
  • Instructs
  • Power rituals
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  • Reconnect
  • Harmonize

This vanity calendar or planner with a weekly view is made in collaboration with astrologer Carla Burgell and graphic designer Oliver Campbell.


Contemplate the lunar cycles, the signs and Venus in order to align our beauty rituals and our purposes to help project the best.


It is printed and bound in Barcelona, with hard cover, color printing and hand-sewn spine.


Carla deciphers astrology to frame it for each day of the year to help us project the best.


Mariona gives us daily and weekly tips for scheduling beauty rituals with self-massage and vanity jewelry.


Oliver gives graphic form to all this information.

In the vanity calendar you will find:

The most favorable days to perform:
- haircut
- nourishing masks
- massages
- waxing
- peels,
- lymphatic drainage,
- detox, etc....


As well as days conducive to:
- dedicate yourself to your inner, psychological, emotional world
- travel planning
- sort, clean and dispose
- relate to you
- enjoy your home
- publish on social networks, etc...


"I hope this year you will see the moon every day and save some space to nourish yourself with its energy..." MV