Ritual "Magic Glow"An a.m. ritual to look radiant on a special day.



  • Clear
  • Beautify
  • Moisturise
  • Illuminates
  • Reaffirms
  • Alisa
  • Unifica
  • Deflate

The Magic Glow ritual is a video tutorial to be performed in the morning that leaves a perfect complexion and beautifies the facial expression.


Ideal for special days.... Those days when we want to look radiant!


The ritual consists of:


  • Dry facial brushing with The Glow Brushes.
  • Correct application of MV cosmetic products (The Silent Charm and The Beauty Talisman).
  • Ritual massage "lifting" effect on the face, neck and décolleté.
  • Massage ritual with the porcelain guasha "The Porcelain Skin Jewel".
  • The final touch ✨


You will see that you hardly need any makeup 😉.


What do I need to perform the Magic Glow ritual?

The Glow Brushes, The Silent Charm, The Beauty Talisman, The Porcelain Skin Jewel, your hands and a dressing table (table, chair and mirror).


It is suitable for sensitive skin. If this is your case, perform the self-massage very, very gently and the treatment with the guasha as well.