The Glow Brushes


The Glow Brushes consist of two facial brushes for very satisfying dry brushing.

The technique consists of brushing the face in the direction of the physiological direction of the lymphatic system so that it drains, decongests and expels dead cells from the surface of the skin that has been regenerated during the night.

It is a natural form of exfoliation that does not alter the acid mantle of the skin (natural balance that protects against bacteria, fungi and infections).

Its benefits are multiple:

- Provides luminosity and a healthy pink tone
- Stimulates blood flow, helping to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells for their rapid regeneration: firming and smoothing
- Activates the lymphatic system, helping to boost the immune system
- Drains, de-inflaming the eyes and redrawing the facial oval
- Cleans the sinuses
- Softens
- Improves the absorption of cosmetics
- Treats and prevents pimples and blackheads
- It is a gentle exfoliant suitable for the most sensitive skins
- It is a pleasure, very easy to do and somewhat addictive.


The cleaning of the facial brushes is dry, because if they are washed with water, their materials will deteriorate very quickly.

In this way, we keep them intact for a long time and in perfect condition for our pleasurable self-massages.