The Lifting Cup Target


The Lifting Cup is a tool that uses the "Cupping" technique for facial and body massage, which acts as a sliding suction, activating the body's natural mechanisms to deeply regenerate the skin.

Its properties are manifold:

- Reaffirms
- Evens out skin tone
- Activates the lymphatic system, draining and firming
- Treats cellulite
- Mitigates neckline wrinkles (from sleeping on the side)
- Enhances the properties of cosmetics
- Relaxes the musculature, treating tensions
- Plumps lips
- Deeply cleanses skin and pores
- Promotes a healthy, luminous and even tone
- Treats body scars (evening out skin tone and texture)
- Prevents imbalances


Maintaining good hygiene of our The Lifting Cup Target jewelry is essential. To do this, we will wash it with soap and water, just as we would do with a cup, but trying to avoid getting water inside the bulb, always placing the jewel vertically or in a slightly inclined position.

Then, we rinse it with water and dry it well. Optionally, it is advisable to spray the jewel with a spray (70% alcohol, 30% distilled water) or 5 drops of an essential oil.

Finally, clean the inside with a cotton swab and let it air dry on a clean surface.