The Porcelain Skin Jewel


The Porcelain Skin Jewel is a vanity jewel inspired by the traditional "Gua Sha" but made of porcelain. It has a specially designed shape to be very affectionate and perfectly adapted to the angles of the face.

Its body, volume, and crystalline glaze make the ritual very easy and pleasurable. It has grooves that can be used as an "eraser" to stimulate circulation and mitigate expression lines.

Its properties are multiple, with flash results and, with perseverance, very potent long-term results:

- Provides luminosity
- Minimizes pores
- Minimizes and eliminates expression lines
- Relaxes the muscles of the face, especially with hot use
- Detoxifies, providing a pink and uniform tone
- Lifts and sculpts the face, working the connective tissue
- Enhances the effect of cosmetics


It is important to maintain good hygiene of our Porcelain Skin Jewel. To do this, we will wash it with soap and water, just as we would wash a cup made of the same materials.

We can also use a brush to clean its grooves well and, immediately afterwards, rinse it with water and dry it well.

Finally, optionally, it is recommended to spray it with a spray (70% alcohol, 30% distilled water) or with 5 drops of an essential oil and let it air dry on a clean surface.